any day now? | maternity photographer | SABphotography

When the loverly Heather contacted me for a maternity shoot, I was way more than excited.  Then, when she said she was due in less than 2 weeks, lets just say I was a little nervous with 5 upcoming shoots already scheduled, kids to feed, friends to host, the kid’s gymnastics, ballet, soccer, and violin lessons.  And then, when she called to cancel 1 then 2 of our booked dates because her son was sick, um  I was CRAZY.   Just giving you a hard time Heather, we got it in didn’t we, I bet you knew all along:<)

Heather sent me 2 classic black and white maternity poses she had done for her previous 2 pregnancies and was hoping to have me deliver the 3rd (not literally).  Honestly, I love the classic black cloth black and white maternity shots.  They are timeless…

So here is a quick collage of a few of her black and white images and then I actually got her outside for a few more.  Thanks Heather.  it was lovely meeting you and your beautiful family, inside and out.  I love your guys community in Bayfield.  How cool!