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Aniya’s kinder grad weekend | personal | Durango photographer

Have you been here yet?  Seriously, I think it is the best kept secret in the four corners…  It is an easy 3 hour drive from Durango and just like that you enter a Native American desert sanctuary!  World Renowned Spa and top rated family resort:<)  Anywho, I am not working for the Hyatt Tamaya, really.  I just don’t want you guys to miss out on a fab weekend getaway, break from the routine and all.

Well, this Memorial Weekend we were celebrating our little Aniya’s kindergarden graduation… F-U-N

Moab camping trip | Durango photography | personal

I promised friends and family that I would do a little personal post of the family every now and again.  This was our first trip of the season and we had an awesome time.  We went with another family, which made it double fun.  We ate lots of game  and did lots of bouldering.  While, these are no works of art (I always take my backup camera camping) they will serve as “watch me growing up out West” snaps.  We are only apart in miles… xoxo

I need to ID the kids…Aniya, Raimee, and our little friend Garrett Kelly.

Nichole Van Professional Photography Workshops

Nichole Van asked me and other of her workshop participants to write a little review of her professional photography workshops.  And, let me be the first to say that I do highly recommend her without reservation.  I took her workshop almost 2 years ago  and still refer to the awesome, comprehensive book that came with the course.  We had a variety of  professional photographers there, from entry level to seasoned.  I felt like there was a lot to offer for everyone but it is particularly geared to entry level as marketing and branding is included.  I can’t even begin to list Nichole’s accolades, but she has made the cover of Rangefinder magazine and regularly speaks at professional conferences as WPPI.  Best of all, she is super sweet, very approachable, and lots of fun!  For me, though I have been photographing for over a decade, specific technical skills to portraiture were invaluable as well as neat photoshop tips and lighting discussions.  It also gave me the confidence to put my work out there and who knew it would be in a Disney film!  So, if you would like to learn to use off camera flash, use masking and textures in photoshop, price your work, shoot in manual and use your histogram for exposure, spot focus and get yourself some bokeh and dozens more GO to see Nichole!!! O and spending time with other photographers, shooting models and yummy food is included too:<)