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I am so squeaking in a NEW Year post on the last day of Jan, hehe…so here’s what’s NEW at SABphotography:

btw, you can still reach me at the old addresses, you will simply be redirected to the new ones

  • NEW brand/logo    as you see above.  i do actually still like my old logo as well, as such, you will still be seeing it round.  a girl can change her mind;<)
  • NEW blogolution    ok, i made up that word.  i’ve had several requests for  personal posts with photos(grandmas).  since i aim to please, you will see more of my 2 girls growing…

That said, scroll down to see a few end of summer images that only Colorado in August can produce.  I must admit I am pining a bit for summer after the break in winter last week(high temps near 50)  followed by its brutal return(highs in the teens) this week.

  • NEW “like” button at the end of every post.  if you click here it shows up on your facebook page feed

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