Durango Big Picture High School Senior | Durango Senior Portrait Artist

This is Kielie everyone!!!  She is a super fun and talented artist and High School 2013 Senior from Durango Big Picture High School.  When Kielie requested an urban shoot different from the usual fare I couldn’t have been more excited.  I had so much fun with Kielie and her friends on this shoot I asked if I could hang out with them after the shoot was finished.  It was non-stop giggles.

Congratulations Kielie and I wish you all the best in your bright future:<))


Chad + Megan Engagement Shoot | Durango Wedding Photographer | Durango Photographer

Meet Chad and Megan.  I remember what I was eating when Megan called to book her wedding with me.  That’s only because I was in New Orleans at the time of course;<)  Megan and Chad are two of the nicest people you could know.  I enjoyed so working with them and am totally looking forward to their destination wedding in Durango next summer.

Here is some more info on our lovely couple that they generously shared.  I like for everyone to share in new couples love stories:<)

Where/when did you 2 meet?

Wow…it’s been almost 6 years. We were set up on a blind date by Megan’s boss at the time and hit it off right away.

Megan, what are your favorite things about Chad?

Chad is loving, generous and kind-hearted. He is always thinking of others. He has a soft spot for animals; especially dogs. He is the kind of man who helps with the dishes at 11pm when everyone has left the party. Even when I’m mad at him, he somehow manages to make me laugh!

Chad, what are your favorite things about Megan? Meg is my greates blessing. She is compassionate, loving and a beautiful person inside and out. She’s a magnet for kids; I think she’ll be a wonderful mom. She always laughs at my jokes. Plus, she’s a south paw like me…so how much better can it get?

What do you most enjoy doing together?

We love hosting friends and family for dinners and game nights. We head up into the mountains any chance we get with Remi; hiking, fishing, camping…you name it! We haven’t opened a bottle of red wine we didn’t enjoy. If we had endless funds, we’d travel the world. We love to set out on a road trip for the day and just see where we end up. Chad is also known for preparing a pretty awesome picnic on the fly.

Tell us about your wedding… We’re hoping to look back on our wedding day and say “that was so much fun!” Since our fondest memories from childhood are those of summers spent on our grandparent’s farms…we set out to create a relaxed day full of family, friends and good food. We fell in love with Blue Lake Ranch and we can’t wait to exchange our vows in that beautiful meadow; then spend the night celebrating and dancing with all of our guests.

Where will you honeymoon? Our honeymoon is going to be a big SURPRISE! Meg’s mom is planning the entire trip as her wedding gift to us. We’ve put in a request for a beachy location with snorkeling, but otherwise we’ll have no idea until we get to the airport the day after the wedding!

Tell us about your immediate plans for the future (where you will live etc…)…We’d love to move a little further into the foothills. Hopefully we’ll be able to buy a house with a nice yard for Remi within the next year or so.

Here is your sneak peek you two.  Thanks for being so beautiful and fun!!!!

Fall Family Shoot | Durango Family Photographer | Durango Photographer

You will recognize this sweet little family.  Another smart mom who realizes her family is quickly growing.  I wonder if we moms all got together and protested if we could stop the growing already…

Anyways, we had some fun at the tail end of Fall up in the mountains and caught some good shots.