meet Baby M.  so strong and spry for a newborn.  she was awake the whole time and even got prone on elbows. i’ve never seen a newborn more eager to be in the world:<) we only had an hour with this little one, so unable to get those sleeping baby shots we all know and love. but, we did get some precious “pea in the pod” moments and a few dreamy ones. thanks mom.

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professional headshot

you may recognize this format. this is part of a local business and i am doing the employee headshots for their new and fancy website…the young man did just great and was like thank you so much for making this painless, lol.

6512 and Growing…

The girls and I had a super fun time at Rachel’s backyard playground while snapping some photos for her blog post.  My older daughter thinks Rachel’s house the funnest place around and couldn’t wait to go.  We do one every season and it was Rachel’s idea to throw the chickens in, as we just couldn’t wait any longer for spring to bloom!  So, I thought the pictures told a story and a collage was the only way to do them justice.  Rachel agreed and so here you have it.  The first looks more film strip style but Rachel went with the artsy, box style simply because you could see the kids better.  If you have little children, or have ever had children, or are even thinking of having children, you will find her blog very poignant and at times hilarious.  Check it out at but, beware, it is addicting!

Spring Sing at Children’s House

ok, this was the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life!!!  my oldest daughter is graduating from pre-school,  and her little school put on this performance that was just perfect. i was so choked up.  I didn’t officially cover the event which is why the images are a little one sided (all of my child) ;<)