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Custom Books | creative ideas for your images #7 | sabphotography

Custom Books

There is a wide variety of options if you would like your images “Booked.”   Let’s begin with the most economical one.

  1. A coil binded book with your photo as cover, perfect for a little simple memory book, a way to keep your fav images in 1 spot and together, if you just can’t pick 1 image.  Choose from white or black borders in 3 different widths and white or black coil binding on matte or semi gloss paper.   12 page minimum.  4×6, $5 per page or 5×5 $8 per page, 5×7 $12 per page
  2. Accordian mini wallet or 3×3 square book 10-14 images on press printed papers including linen, art, pearl or green, your photo as cover or choose from a variety of colors and materials including copper or silver metal, cotton, silk, or linen covers.  start at $45 ea. or 3 for $100
  3. Soft Cover Book think magazine… 5×5, 8×5, 7.75×10, 12 page min., custom cover and 1 layout.  choose from art, pearl, and linen archival papers.  start at $75.
  4. Press printed Book this is an actual, hard cover book with lay flat pages.  5×5, 5×7, 8×8, 8.5×11, 10×10, 12×12, 11×14, 8×12, 10 page min.  Custom cover to cover.  use your photo as cover or choose from a wide variety of sumptuous materials and leather… choose from archival semi-gloss, art, pearl, and linen papers.  start at $249.
  5. Adhesive Mount Photo Album handcrafted black silk or black leather and professionally hard mounted images for sophisticated elegance.  5×5, 8×8, 8×10, 10×10.  20 page minimum.  choose from matte, semi-gloss or metallic, papers. start at $299.

In any case, there is something for everyone.  Don’t miss out on a beautiful, custom book that you and your family will treasure for generations of that newborn baby, the family that year, multi generational reunions, your high school senior, your engagement, your wedding!!!  Seriously, this is YOUR life!!!

Accordian Mini, what grandma and proud mama doesn’t need this one???

Soft Cover Book, perfect for Seniors and newborns and families…

Press Printed Book, great for engagements, weddings…

product images courtesy of MPixPro

green paper | creative ideas for your images #6 | sabphotography

Green Paper

I offer image enlargements on a variety of  yummy “Green” papers including Eco-Matte, which is 100% Recycled, Wind Power Produced goodness!  As well, Linen, Felt, Smooth Matte and Stipple that feel as good as they look!   I have samples of all of these, please, let’s go grab a coffee and check em out!   How much is all of the goodness gonna set me back you ask?  Well, that is a good question.  And, I don’t raise the prices on these papers in effort to promote them.  However, there is a minimum quantity order on them so it makes the lab’s time worth switching the papers out…

And so, the prices listed below are my regular print prices for each with the following minimum order requirements for each size.  Bear in mind, you may order a different image within each size requirement, multi-images are ok.  In other words, you could order 3 11×14’s of 3 different images…

5×7 – 13 minimum order quantity requirement, $15 each

8×10 – 8 minimum order quantity requirement, $25 each

11×14 – 3 minimum order quantity requirement, $45 each

I also offer custom, luxury, handmade “green” wedding albums.  Just ask!

Luxe prints | creative ideas for your images #5 | SABphotography

LUXE Prints

SABphotography works with the highest of the high end, professional labs to provide the most elegant and sumptuous paper. I call them luxe, short for DeLuxe because that is exactly what they are!  Accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent neutral flesh reproduction are just a few of the benefits.  Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage is the cream on top.

This is my “standard”  paper and it comes in matte or semi-gloss finish at prices listed below.  I am also pleased to offer “Metallic/ Pearl paper”, a high gloss paper which gives a 3D effect to your image and “True Matte” paper especially for B&W images for an additinal $6 per print and “Linen” finish, which is an actual texture finish for an additional $3 per print.  Add $3 for lustre finish to any print paper, which hides fingerprints like matte but saturates color like metallic without the high gloss.  I have samples of all of these papers i will be happy to show you:<)

4×6 $10
5×5 $15
5×7 $20
8×8 $25
8×10, 8×12 $30
10×10 $35
11×14 $45
12×12 $55
16×20 (larger sizes available, ask for pricing) $75

canvas | Creative Ideas for your Images #4 | sabphotography

Canvas Gallery Wraps

There are sooo many things you can do with a gallery wrap, here are just a few. But, first let me say that your image on canvas is the most deserving display.  It’s like hanging art on your wall and the best is No framing is required!!!

The first image is the classic wrap that you can do with any image.  You can also just black or white the edges if you don’t want the image to wrap round.

This second image is a great idea for your event.  You can have your guests sign your image on canvas and have it as a special keepsake.  Perfect for special parties commemorating  Sweet 16, graduations, engagement parties, weddings, showers…you get the idea:<)


  • 8×8, 8×10 mounted canvas print…..$60
  • 8×12, 10×10 mounted canvas print..$75
  • 9×12, 11×14 mounted canvas print    $100
  • 5×30, 10×20 mounted canvas print  $125
  • 12×18, 16×20 mounted canvas print $150
  • 20×24, 20×20 mounted canvas print$175


  • 8×10 gallery wrap canvas…..1.5″ depth $99, 2.5″depth $124
  • 10×10 gallery wrap canvas….1.5″ $119, 2.5″  $149
  • 5×30 gallery wrap canvas…..1.5″ $149  2.5″  $199
  • 11×14 gallery wrap canvas…..1.5″  $149  2.5″  $199
  • 16×16 gallery wrap canvas…..1.5″  $199 2.5″  $229
  • 16×20 gallery wrap canvas…..1.5″  $219  2.5″  $249