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Commercial Headshot | Published Yoga Alliance 2015

This is my lovely friend Brigid… She recently received a great honor that I believe will be a real benefit to the community in a trickle down effect ya know.  She received a scholarship from Yoga Alliance (which is a real rarity I understand) for Yoga Durango“s teacher training series!  Yoga Alliance is committed to spreading the power of yoga to individuals and communities.  Brigid will be using her yoga training to serve disadvantaged populations in her community.  She hopes to use yoga to help those who have a history of trauma. When she called requiring a head shot and yoga shot for the organization’s newsletter, I was honored and eager to help.  We had a nice early December morn in the brisk crispness only Colorado can provide.  Congratulations Brigid and thanks for all you do!!

Here is the published article  Yoga Alliance, “Yoga Scholarship Recipients”

Here is a peek at her chosen shots…


Essence Chiropractic | Durango Commercial Photographer | Durango Photography

This is a commercial shoot I did for Dr. Stephanie and Essence Chiropractic Studio.  She wanted some images of her in action in her studio, as well as a few headshots for her new website and marketing materials.    She specializes in family chiropractic as you can see here.  She is an excellent practitioner and I highly recommend her.

Here is a peek into what a great morning we had with her.  Thank you Stephanie and thank you so much to our models Megan, Flannery, Soren, Mandi and Cori.  Check out how the images were used in her super cool and modern website.

style | durango family photographer | sabphotography

When I spoke to Rachel about her family session this year, she said 2 things:  NOT outside and something different…I dug further and she sent me 2 old photos.  I love old photos, if you have any you would like me to see, send em over!  One was of Oleg’s mom and him when he was a boy and the other of Oleg when he was about 6 or 8.  btw, Oleg is her husband.  She said I love this picture of Oleg and his mother.  I have to agree. It is an old sepia photo with both of them gazing to the right of the camera.  The other was Oleg as Little Lord Fauntleroy, I swear, it is adorable, him standing on a column all in ruffles and velvet and the most perfect curly hair!  Well, how can I reproduce that.  Ok, so I modernized it a bit.  and Rachel def wanted black and whites.  I think they came out fantastic!  I do hope you agree Rachel.  O and we did a business headshot of Oleg, and of course we had to do one of darling little Alexandra too:<)

xo ~SAB