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When I spoke to Rachel about her family session this year, she said 2 things:  NOT outside and something different…I dug further and she sent me 2 old photos.  I love old photos, if you have any you would like me to see, send em over!  One was of Oleg’s mom and him when he was a boy and the other of Oleg when he was about 6 or 8.  btw, Oleg is her husband.  She said I love this picture of Oleg and his mother.  I have to agree. It is an old sepia photo with both of them gazing to the right of the camera.  The other was Oleg as Little Lord Fauntleroy, I swear, it is adorable, him standing on a column all in ruffles and velvet and the most perfect curly hair!  Well, how can I reproduce that.  Ok, so I modernized it a bit.  and Rachel def wanted black and whites.  I think they came out fantastic!  I do hope you agree Rachel.  O and we did a business headshot of Oleg, and of course we had to do one of darling little Alexandra too:<)

xo ~SAB

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