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  • Hi! And a warm welcome to SABphotography

    "modern, fun, fresh photography for every moment"

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. This is where i post sneak peeks into shoots, new products, samples of fun things to do with your images, holiday specials, or maybe just me getting out and about with my lens.
    I have college level, as well as fine art academy photography coursework on my CV. I am published in Colorado Weddings Magazine, Durango Weddings Magazine, MINTED, Sierra Club Magazine and have work featured alongside Pixel Magic in a Walt Disney feature film. I am member of WPPI. (Please check out About Me for more...

  • SABphotography’s Eco Boutique

    I am so excited to offer your printed images on 100% Recycled, 100% Wind power manufactured Eco Matte paper. This paper is 130# of cardstock goodness. And, a variety of other yummy Green papers that feel as good as they look. Of course, I continue to have a full line of standard photographic print papers and products available.

    I am also pleased to say that I minimize paper and packaging where I can, and, all of my products are Green, from my 100% recycled business cards to my bamboo shopping bags! For more details.

green paper | creative ideas for your images #6 | sabphotography

Green Paper

I offer image enlargements on a variety of  yummy “Green” papers including Eco-Matte, which is 100% Recycled, Wind Power Produced goodness!  As well, Linen, Felt, Smooth Matte and Stipple that feel as good as they look!   I have samples of all of these, please, let’s go grab a coffee and check em out!   How much is all of the goodness gonna set me back you ask?  Well, that is a good question.  And, I don’t raise the prices on these papers in effort to promote them.  However, there is a minimum quantity order on them so it makes the lab’s time worth switching the papers out…

And so, the prices listed below are my regular print prices for each with the following minimum order requirements for each size.  Bear in mind, you may order a different image within each size requirement, multi-images are ok.  In other words, you could order 3 11×14’s of 3 different images…

5×7 – 13 minimum order quantity requirement, $15 each

8×10 – 8 minimum order quantity requirement, $25 each

11×14 – 3 minimum order quantity requirement, $45 each

I also offer custom, luxury, handmade “green” wedding albums.  Just ask!

Luxe prints | creative ideas for your images #5 | SABphotography

LUXE Prints

SABphotography works with the highest of the high end, professional labs to provide the most elegant and sumptuous paper. I call them luxe, short for DeLuxe because that is exactly what they are!  Accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent neutral flesh reproduction are just a few of the benefits.  Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage is the cream on top.

This is my “standard”  paper and it comes in matte or semi-gloss finish at prices listed below.  I am also pleased to offer “Metallic/ Pearl paper”, a high gloss paper which gives a 3D effect to your image and “True Matte” paper especially for B&W images for an additinal $6 per print and “Linen” finish, which is an actual texture finish for an additional $3 per print.  Add $3 for lustre finish to any print paper, which hides fingerprints like matte but saturates color like metallic without the high gloss.  I have samples of all of these papers i will be happy to show you:<)

4×6 $10
5×5 $15
5×7 $20
8×8 $25
8×10, 8×12 $30
10×10 $35
11×14 $45
12×12 $55
16×20 (larger sizes available, ask for pricing) $75

wendy and don wedding slideshow | colorado wedding photographer | sabphotography

and here is a little more of Wendy and Don’s Day..(just click the little arrow you see below their names atop the beautiful bouquet).  It was very warm despite the chilly temperatures.  It was totally difficult narrowing it down, there really are so many nice images.  But, I think you will agree these tell a bit of the story…Her details with the ice blue were stunning…  It was so awesome observing the fun and care between Wendy and her daughters getting dressed…  Wendy and Don both just smitten:<)  I just love being a part of Weddings.  It is such a gift!  A Happy Day, family and friends all round to share in the slice of bliss.  I think my fav part would have to be when the bride’s dress is just slipped on and she transforms from a young lady to a bride.  Or wait, the groom’s first sight of his bride…or maybe its when the parents are first seated…o no, its the vows, of course its the vows…hmmm what about the first kiss???

Nichole Van Professional Photography Workshops

Nichole Van asked me and other of her workshop participants to write a little review of her professional photography workshops.  And, let me be the first to say that I do highly recommend her without reservation.  I took her workshop almost 2 years ago  and still refer to the awesome, comprehensive book that came with the course.  We had a variety of  professional photographers there, from entry level to seasoned.  I felt like there was a lot to offer for everyone but it is particularly geared to entry level as marketing and branding is included.  I can’t even begin to list Nichole’s accolades, but she has made the cover of Rangefinder magazine and regularly speaks at professional conferences as WPPI.  Best of all, she is super sweet, very approachable, and lots of fun!  For me, though I have been photographing for over a decade, specific technical skills to portraiture were invaluable as well as neat photoshop tips and lighting discussions.  It also gave me the confidence to put my work out there and who knew it would be in a Disney film!  So, if you would like to learn to use off camera flash, use masking and textures in photoshop, price your work, shoot in manual and use your histogram for exposure, spot focus and get yourself some bokeh and dozens more GO to see Nichole!!! O and spending time with other photographers, shooting models and yummy food is included too:<)

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