Audrey and Fam | Generational Shoot | Durango family photographer

It is that time of year again… Family gatherings, summer in Durango… can’t ya feel the warmth.  LOVE It!

Meet Audrey and her lovely family.  BUT, don’t call her grandma.  Her daughter warned me it was a 4 letter word to her, and boy did I learn the hard way.  Wink Wink Audrey ;;<)

This family has deep roots in Durango.  The 4 siblings were raised up the mountain near DMR.  You probably recognize them.  Anyway, thanks guys for including me in your special gathering.  I love happy events and being near families.  Thanks to Sean and Leslie for organizing the whole thing and for allowing the use of their beautiful property as our backdrop.

Without further ado, here is your sneak peek.  Hope you get to see them all together, I did a rush to beat the end of the week when you all depart!

little darlings | Durango children’s photographer | SABphotography

what’s a better birthday gift for dad then some special photos of his little darlings… mom wanted to somehow incorporate bikes into the shoot as dad loves them so.  i think my idea of shooting through the wheel was just the ticket for this Durango daddy.   get ready daddy, i think these little lovelies are gonna be quite the heart throbs!!!

thanks again to Kirk at the charming and distinct Rochester Hotel for the generous use of his hotel courtyard and hospitality!

Aniya’s kinder grad weekend | personal | Durango photographer

Have you been here yet?  Seriously, I think it is the best kept secret in the four corners…  It is an easy 3 hour drive from Durango and just like that you enter a Native American desert sanctuary!  World Renowned Spa and top rated family resort:<)  Anywho, I am not working for the Hyatt Tamaya, really.  I just don’t want you guys to miss out on a fab weekend getaway, break from the routine and all.

Well, this Memorial Weekend we were celebrating our little Aniya’s kindergarden graduation… F-U-N

Essence Chiropractic | Durango Commercial Photographer | Durango Photography

This is a commercial shoot I did for Dr. Stephanie and Essence Chiropractic Studio.  She wanted some images of her in action in her studio, as well as a few headshots for her new website and marketing materials.    She specializes in family chiropractic as you can see here.  She is an excellent practitioner and I highly recommend her.

Here is a peek into what a great morning we had with her.  Thank you Stephanie and thank you so much to our models Megan, Flannery, Soren, Mandi and Cori.  Check out how the images were used in her super cool and modern website.

Spring Fam Shoot | Durango family photographer | SABphotography

Any idea how hard it can be to schedule an outdoor  shoot in Springtime  in the mountains???  Just ask Katie and she can tell ya!  Let’s just say 5th time is a charm:<)

Look how stunning dark hair and eyes in a family makes…  And, thank you guys so much for your patience through a string of rain delays.